Synopsis / Concept.

Willy Fog is an eccentric English student who bets all the fortune of his family against the son of England’s bank director and other members of the University Residence, claiming he will be able to complete a round-the-world trip in 80 days, with London as the departure and arrival point. He embarks on an adventure full with action and comedy, accompanied by his friends Rigodon, Tico, and Romy, an Indian princess with a mysterious past. Inspired by one of the most famous novels by Jules Verne.

Format & Target.

1×90′ / Comedy of Adventures / CGI / Familiar


Claudio Biern Boyd (Creator), Carlos Biern (Executive Producer).


  • Youtube – Willy Fog: + 6MM visits
  • TV: Series with 2 seasons (52 × 30 ‘) + 2 tv movies. With the collaboration of: TVE and Iberia.
  • Present in +100 countries: TVE (Spain), BBC (UK), TF1 (France), RTI (Italy), Disney (Portugal), Canal + (Poland), RTSI (Switzerland), Televisa (Mexico), Minimax (Hungary) , Romania), Chanel One-Russia, SABC (South Africa), … and new broadcast platforms such as Wuaki TV, Filmin, iTunes or Amazon.
  • Musical «Around the world with Willy Fog. The Musical «(Teatro Calderón de Madrid).
  • Licensing partners: Universal, Planeta Junior, Danone, RBA, Best Play, Sony Music, Meikme …


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