Synopsis / Concept.

Gnomes have lived among us for centuries, but humans do not seem to have noticed them yet. Do you want to know all about their secrets, hats, beards, and the reasons why they strongly defend nature, why trolls just cannot stand them, or why they are always in a good mood? David Junior and his friends from the great sequoia academy will help you figure it out.

Format & Target.

1×90′ / Comedy of Adventures / CGI / Familiar


Claudio Biern Boyd (Creator), Carlos Biern (Executive Producer), Andy Rheingold (Scriptwriter) SpongeBob, Pecezuelos, Angelo Rules.


  • Youtube – Gnomes: + 10MM visits
  • TV: series (3 seasons, 78 x 30 ‘) + 4 tv movies. Partners: TVE, Antena 3, Panini, CLT UVA and WWF
  • Brand present in +100 countries: Nickelodeon / MTV Networks (USA), Channel 4 (UK), TVE (Spain), Nickelodeon (Germany), Channel J (France), RTP (Portugal), NOS (Holland), Talit ( Israel), ABC (Australia), SBT (Brazil), RTV Brunei (Brunei), Singapore TV (Singapore), Discovery (Canada), KBS (South Korea), RTI (Italy), Televisa (Mexico), SABC (South Africa)…
  • Universal and Planeta de Agostini, Danone, Phoskitos, Star Toys, Comansi, Myalert, MSolutions, Editorial Unit, Editorial Planeta, Sony Music …


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